Lleverage DRV


"Give everyone a LLeverage Card and I will move the world toward mutual prosperity."

Arshad Aziz


Loyalty & Leverage

World's first theme-based
coalition loyalty program

World's first theme-based coalition loyalty program loyalty & leverage a new development in reward program that could revolutionize the field of customer loyalty.

LLeverage ground-breaking innovation in customer loyalty identify how to magnify return on loyalty (ROL), enable card members to leverage their bonus points and prevent points loss.

LLeverage loyalty card reveals the first details before launching of its breakthrough coalition loyalty program Loyalty & Leverage in 2014. Which will be the first coalition loyalty program of its kind particularly for the consumers of the automotive and package travel industries, and for the customers of bank and finance institutions.

There is justified demand from these demographic groups for a reward program that benefits them with genuine additional value. We found that the consumers of these sectors have been largely overlooked.

We created a unique loyalty program in all aspects as responds to their needs and wants, personal recognition and motivation to come back for more. Loyalty & Leverage was also nominated for innovation award 2012 in Germany for the category package travel.

Loyalty & Leverage attributes that are both valuable and have strategic differentiation from most of other customer loyalty programs and a better alternative reward scheme to cash for clunkers in automotive sector said Arshad Aziz founder of LLeverage loyalty card.

The main objective of the multi-partner loyalty program is to reward customers with high-end products and services of the coalition partners on a single loyalty card. Loyalty & Leverage will allow cardholders to leverage their bonus points that will empower them faster access to targeted reward. Participating coalition partners have the opportunity to gain and retain new loyal customers and to avoid losing customers to competitors.